With the opening of the Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM), jazz 
students can now receive the personalized instruction of a private lesson 
combined with the experience of being in a “real world” jazz band. 
Each student will attend a small ensemble class that is comprised only of 
the members of their band. Band members will receive individual coaching 
from Alan - with assignments designed just for them - while also 
receiving instruction in group interaction and teamwork, developing a 
distinctive individual and group sound, building a music repertoire, getting 
gigs, navigating the “business” of music, preparing for 
performances/auditions/contests, and more. And each band will perform 
its repertoire at the world-class jazz club The Cave. 
Ensemble groups meet with Alan each week for a 2-hour training session. 
Tuition is $60 per week, and is to be paid in advance at the beginning of 
each month. 
Private coaching sessions with Alan, as needed, are available at the rate 
of $75/hr.



Alan Jones Academy of Music (AJAM):



AJAM brings music education to the small group setting. AJAM students, (based on their interest and skill level) are placed in small ensembles that work together consistently throughout terms of instruction. Group instruction emphasizes the importance of listening and learning together. On top of group work, individual group members are given assignments to improve their own musicianship, which in turn helps the group dynamic. Ensembles work to develop a distinctive style and sound, build their own repertoire of music, and learn how to navigate the music business.


For more info, visit www.ajampdx.com


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